Concrete is our Canvas!

Interior Flooring Buffalo NY

Interior Flooring Overview

Even the smallest flood can cause major damage to conventional residential flooring. So why not install a flooring system that can withstand minor flooding and water damage? And at the same time have something that will be elegant and beautiful. Stained concrete floors offer numerous options for interior rooms including many designs, colors, and even health benefits. Concrete flooring, sometimes referred to as cement flooring, does not have to be gray and boring. With colored concrete, textures, patterns and saw cuts we can bring new life to your home. It can be so naturally colored that it blends with other elements in your interior.

Why Choose Concrete for Interior Floors?

Concrete has emerged as a popular and practical choice for interior flooring throughout a home. There are multiple reasons why concrete is becoming the top choice amongst designers and home builders across the country for kitchens, bathrooms, and any other interior room.

Affordable – Compared to other popular flooring options, concrete is much more affordable. Similar in cost to vinyl or linoleum, concrete floors are extremely cost-effective over time. Their durable nature means maintenance costs are low throughout the life of a concrete floor.

Durable – Concrete by nature is extremely durable which means much less time and energy is required for maintenance. The application of a protective seal is easy to do and will further enhance the durability of a concrete floor. Low maintenance costs combined with low installation costs is a very large contributing factor to concrete floor’s popularity in homes.

Customizable – Concrete can be stained to match virtually any color you desire. Hand troweling methods allow for concrete to take on the looks of popular flooring options such as wood or tile. Staining and layering methods can combine to produce some authentic, one-of-a-kind results that will be sure to catch anyone’s eye. Some people don’t even believe it’s concrete when they see it!
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